apartment security deposit law

The section represents the statistics of state finances, monetary and credit system, data on the financial activities of organizations.
Loan term: maximum 20 years, initial instalment: min.Safe Deposit Boxes may be used for storing items of value - jewelry, securities, legal documents, etc.Budgets of state non-budget slots på internet funds of the Russian Federation are: the budget of Pension fund of the Russian Federation, budget of the Fund of social security, budget of the Federal fund of compulsory medical insurance.Bank employees are prohibited from opening any Client's safe without the express permission of the client.indebtedness against liabilities of suppliers.Profitability of organizations characterizes the efficiency of their performance and is used to estimate the profit.
Profitability of assets is calculated as a ratio of the financial balance (profit less loss) and the total value of asset of organizations.It includes banknotes and coins in circulation; non-cash money - balance of funds of non-financial and non-financial organizations (except crediting) and individuals on current, deposit and other non-demand accounts (including accounts for payment by plastic bank cards) and thrift accounts opened at credit institutions.Balance (profit less loss) of the reporting period is the final financial result obtained on the basis of book-keeping records of all the economic transactions performed by organizations.These Safe Deposit Boxes are located in a specially equipped room, physically secured and electronically protected with alarm systems.Gross indebtedness of liabilities of organizations comprises creditor indebtedness (payables) as well as indebtedness on bank credits and loans.The expenditures of the budget - monetary funds paid form the budget excepting the funds which according to the Budget Code of the Russian Federation are the sources to finance the budget deficit.Overdue indebtedness on labour reimbursement comprises actually accrued wages to employees but not paid in time specified by the collective agreement or contract with bank cash office (cash settlement center).As well as out of gratis and irrecoverable transfers.When a negative financial balance is obtained then the unprofitability takes place.As well as into employment fund; indebtedness towards all forms of payments with regard for budgetary funds and extra-budget funds; indebtedness of organizations towards payments relating to obligatory and voluntary insurance of the property and employees of the organization as well as to other types.Statistics of finances of organizations contain indicators reflecting the financial status of enterprises (organizations).Statistics of the monetary systems are compiled on the basis of data of the Bank of Russia as well as the data of the state statistical observations.

Creditor liability (payables) includes indebtedness to suppliers and contractors for material values received, work performed and services rendered, including indebtedness supported by promissory notes issued; indebtedness in payments with associated, daughter companies and branch establishments according to all forms of transactions; indebtedness to the workers.
Official exchange rate of EUR related to RUR is compiled and established by the Bank of Russia on the basis the official exchange rate of USD to RUR and the rate of EUR related to USD in international currency markets effected on second working day.