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Derived terms * extraness, adverb ( - ) (informal) To an extraordinary degree.Extra 'extra, read all about it!Noun ( en noun ) (cricket) A run scored without the ball having hit the striker's bat - a wide, bye, leg bye or no ball; in Australia referred to as a sundry.Of manly macho goodness.Labels casino bonusar no deposit 2015 do all the work folders do and give you an extra bonus : you can add more than one to a conversation.Deposits through ClickandBuy will be awarded with a 10 extra bonus by the casino!
(uncountable, basketball) One or more free throws awarded to a team when the opposing team has accumulated enough fouls.
Extra bonus for passengers is a unique guest seat with backrest that allow passengers of swiss to have diner or work not alone.
That day he ran to school extra fast.All the real Revolutionars, they get extra bonus when they go on a trip!quot;-magazine, date, volume407, issue8841, page70, magazine(.The Economist ), title Engineers of a different kind, passagePrivate-equity nabobs bristle at being capital one 360 money market bonus offer dubbed mere financiers.This measure also foresaw an extra bonus of 10 for hiring certain groups of people, including low skilled women.Maybe an extra.5 million in signing bonus.Bonus points if we can find something that gives Wedeck extra ammo in Washington.Turnovers which reach and exceed this sum will not accrue any extra points.I'm showing our sisters that, when they vote for me, they get a little extra bonus gift.