baldur's gate thac0 bonus vs sleep

Dropped by Aesgareth's party at 35 on the.
Large creatures such as Dragons or Giants are not knocked back or stunned.
Use: Three times per day.
Speed Factor: 1 Requires: 5 Strength.Staff of Thunder and Lightning Abilities (one charge Lightning Bolt Damage 10D6.Faldorn's Hut if you are a Druid, when you challenge for leadership of the grove.Sold by the Temple of Umberlee at.Location: Given to the party by Rillifane in the Temple at 18 in Suldanessellar.Wielder memorizes one extra fifth and sixth level spell.Sold by the Merchant at the marketplace at.Sold by the Temple of Umberlee at 12 in Brynnlaw.Location: Serpent Shaft Properties: Combat Ability: 50 chance of poisoning opponents with each successful attack.Area: 5-foot radius sphere.Not Usable By: Monks.
Location: Quarterstaff 2 Properties: Damage: 1D6.
Damage: 1D6 12 crushing, 1D4 piercing.
Dropped by Delgarden safe deposit box regulations alabama after he turns Edwin back into a man in connection with the Nether Scroll quest.Target must save.Cleric's Staff 3, properties: thac0:.Duration: 8 hours or until 30 spell levels 24 stunden casino baden w├╝rttemberg have been trapped.The poisoning lasts for 1 round and does 2 hit points of damage, unless the target makes a save.Location: Sold by Joluv at 6 in the Copper Coronet if you have installed the Bonus Merchants pack.Location: Sold by the Black Market Thief at 15 in the.Watcher's Keep: cusmo casino Dropped by the Tieflings at 29 on the.Throne of Bhaal: Dropped by a Yaga-Shura Mage at 5 in the North Forest.