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Please refer to the in-game shop or detailed item description page for more details regarding each item.
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Maonil Gerold Kunka Sidimin Isaria Izaak Andes Bilao Ninehart Sion Sagotts Riotina Seltin Fixed a typo in the quest completion dialogue for Barhan Nesser during the Urgent Message quest.
Get rich in 1 week.Fixed the issue where the chat highlight/bold feature did not work when using the @charactername command in the chat window.Fixed the issue where the scroll button would look unnatural when you placed the mouse cursor on the Wharf scrollbar.Every time a quest is completed (except for Daily and Recurring Quests it will count towards the goal of completing a certain number of quests.If an account or character that is banned from the game based on operational policy purchases a package, the package will not be available.NPC: Lunei, the Egg Hunt: April 10th (after maintenance) - April 24th (before maintenance).Fixed the issue where the Black Spirit's appearance would not change after completing a certain quest.Yeah you guys can complain about the setup and such but this is undedectable and works great (if you know what your doing).Additionally, some decoration items also give various buffs to enhance gameplay.Click on the Redeem Icon to begin your item redemption process.

Please note that when it comes to skills with Grapple effect, accuracy is referring to hit damage accuracy and not the accuracy of the grapple effect itself.
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Mounts The speed at which you descend when pressing the S key while gliding on an Arduanatt has been increased.