The rune selections make all damage from the build holy, so Holy damage on bracers and ideally on amulet (as a 4th stat; socket, CHC and CHD are more important).
By getting Vitality on your weapon, you should be able to manage without Vitality on gloves and shoulders, allowing those slots to roll Area damage (for a total 90 with paragon, which should be sufficient).
Laws of Valor Critical, judgment Mass Verdict, items.
Frozen in Terror is also an interesting option since it'll enable the additional Heaven's Fury damage.Core, offense, defense, utility, build Guide, this build's aim is to complete The Thrill in Season 5 (a conquest that requires you to clear a tier 45 greater rift with no set bonuses at all).Bonusly is an engaging recognition and rewards platform that enriches your company culture.Heaven's Fury Ascendancy, akarat's Champion Prophet, steed Charge Endurance.Regular, hybrid, bBCode Link, edit, skills, punish Retaliate.Not using Blind Faith is a big loss of Blind proc, but I've found Blind to be a double-edged sword.I've added some recommended stats, it's pretty basic / straight forward.
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What's also interesting is that once you get the 45 conquest with this build, switching out the rings for Legacy of Nightmares is an interesting option to use this build on higher tiers.
This scalar helps proccing blind and immobilize from Blind Faith and Stone Gauntlets.Shield of Fury, leoric's Crown, convention of Elements, paragon Priorities.This offers quite a bit of interesting options.Request a demo, try for free.Damage Bonus at this time.Other than that it's a matter of enough toughness to stay alive and the rest goes to offense (nothing new about that).Esoteric Alteration allows you to tank through mostly anything, most notably things like Fire Chains that trigger blocks.Update, provoke changed to Judgement - Mass Verdict and rune on Heaven's Fury to Ascendancy.Another possible option is wearing the Leoric's Crown and thus opening up the armor cube slot.I'm working with Bracery at the moment; this gives a 5 second immunity to knockback and stun, both things that'll mess up your blocking.The Retaliate rune is chosen because if gives the skill the highest proc scalar (note that it has pokerstars chipset 500 all runes due to Angel Hair Braid).While Blinded enemies take more Heaven's Fury damage, they also stop attacking which isn't a good thing for this build.After a combat phase, the winner of that phase deals 1 damage to the opposing player.Bonusly works worldwide, including Germany.

This in turn boosts the Heaven's Fury damage due to the Bracer of Fury.