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For example, an orange gem xcom enemy unknown workshop adjacency bonus can be used to activate an item bonus with a red or yellow socket.
Any gem (except meta gems) may be placed in them.There are two varieties of these gems: one variety that improves all resistances, and one that improves all five attributes.See also References External links.Multi-colored gems will match either of their colors when socketed.Pocket-Sized Computational Device from, mechagon is a trinket that has sockets for specific punch card items.These only match (and can only be put into) meta sockets.
These gems provide bonuses that are approximately half those provided by primary gems, but provide two bonuses, one from each of their color sets.Invoke this by shift-right-clicking (hold down the poker free money no deposit 2017 shift key and right click) the weapon or piece of armor you want socketed.As of patch.0.2, Blacksmiths with skill level 400 are able to permanently place an additional socket on their bracer and glove, making the socketed item soulbound.Contents show, gem stats, edit, for full length article, see gem properties.(For example, an orange gem would match a red or yellow slot for the bonus.) Prismatic gems would match any of the three socket colors.Sockets are separated into the following types: Prismatic, sockets, cogwheel, sockets, meta.Multi-colored gems will count toward both of their colors when activating a meta gem.These pages concern the gems specific to the Burning Crusade era.