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Veronika Skvortsova: In the first quarter of 2013 the total funding from the Federal Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund allocated to the regions for healthcare purposes rose by 61, including money for salaries.
In 2012, the provision of high-tech medical assistance in Russia increased.7 on 2011.Therefore the technical-equipment levels of state healthcare institutions rose by 60 on 2011, that is, from 7,700 roubles per square metre to 12,900 roubles.I think we should make the most of our research centres city to casino fun run hobart 2018 and major federal medical institutions.They have examined.5 million people, 15 up on last year.High-tech reproductive technology was used 20 more often in treating infertility, which resulted in over 3,000 more babies born.On the whole, despite problems that exist in every department, the Ministry is doing a good job.Ladies and gentlemen, one of the main goals is to increase lifespan.
This country has good potential in this respect the development of medical technology and mew medicines is part of the plan for the technological modernisation of our economy.The decision to come back to a specialised Ministry of Healthcare by separating it from the larger social protection body was enthusiastically welcomed by the medical community, healthcare officials, university and scientific communities, and fostered new expectations and hope among the population.We need to preserve this result and eliminate the gap between the regions.In 2012, we increased the number of targeted student positions at federal universities.5.This is the reason the Ministrys employees visited over 60 regions from September to December 2012, carefully studied the healthcare facilities networks, the way of life in rural areas and in cities, the transport infrastructure and the time it takes to deliver patients to the.Nevertheless, some mistakes could not be avoided when feldsher-midwife stations and subsidiaries of central district hospitals were shut down without any reason.Manage account statement preferences to paper or paperless.We should consolidate our efforts to eliminate the old habits and the stereotypical behavior of medical workers, with the help of positive changes that are taking place due to an increase in medical workers salaries and the introduction of additional measures of social support and.Ms Skvortsova, go on, please.There are some positive results, but there are problems as well.Only 50-60 of second-level institutions have been established in some regions to date.

The past year was devoted to the drafting and adoption of strategically important programmes.