Most importantly, Realist strikes at amorphous emotional chords that evoke something, no matter what that thing may be for a given listeneran ambiguity magnified by the vocal sample that occasionally coheres long enough for the words we must hold on to become audible.
The beat that introduced many listeners to Clams signature style and signature samplethe Imogen Heap sample that has formed the basis of, by his own admission, four beats.Brainwash by London (Jealous Guys).Im God, certainly a spectacular and singular beat in its own right, as clear and definitive a statement of purpose and aesthetic as any other, receives high placement on the list largely for its significance in the emerging (and increasingly e-mythologized) Clams Casino canon.The be all end all, Motivation marries Clams murky vocal samples, bone-rattling bass, and sharp snares in a propulsive stew that encapsulates the intrigue of the young producers work: simultaneously familiar and utterly unknown, using tools weve heard to take us to far off, barely.Again, the trick of Gorilla is evocation, creating a landscape through dynamics and sounds, leading the listener to places either deep within the mind, beyond the galaxy, or both.Realist Alive (Lil B opening with the sound of birds before transitioning quickly into one of Clams casually explosive openings, Realist Alive sees all the elements of Clams formula on fine display: disjointed, distant vocal sample that is as hopeful as it is haunting, enveloping.Palace (asap Rocky if we want to talk about feelings: heres what happens when Clams feels license slot cancellation like Zeus.Producing for Mobb Deeps Havoc, Clams provided a more straightforwardly cinematic vision with Always Have a Choice, marrying rich strings with a pitched up vocal sample.Always Have a Choice (Havoc).
A strong argument for Clams Casino as instrumental artist (even though it originally myb casino no deposit bonus code appeared as a backdrop for Lil B).
With its abyssal bass and incessant choir, Palace feels simultaneously ascendant and rooted in the depths of the eartha contradictory reading that seems perfectly at home in the Clams Casino universe, where distorted 808s and heavenly vocal samples share equal weight in transporting listeners.
But, simple low end goodness would be too easy for Clams; at 1:30 he brings in a heart-stopping shout sample, working it into the beat as a rhythmic element, showing his ability to take sounds both musical and non-musical and bend them to his will.A lot of words can be wasted trying to capture the quality of Clams production; with a song like Motivation, the best directive is to simply listen.The beat is an unmistakable Clams Casino production, from the gauzy melody to the crack of the snares.On the menacing post-jerk sounds of Brainwash by London, Clams mines dark synth bass and buzzing synths for a driving backdrop fitting as a standalone or for rapping (as originally intended).Like #1 on this list, Gorilla provides a mystical listening experience.Adult Swim Soundtrack 2011, Wizard blends the busyness and depth of sound typical of Clams beats with an array of synths ready made for dance pop or an old West Coast Hip Hop banger.