Combat skills really come down to your preference.
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Since this is a beginner's guide, I'm not going to go into all of the Champion Points and etc, as you won't have access to those until around level.
I'm choosing to go the stamina route as it gives me a lot of sustain for dealing damage with my various skills, as well as the ability to hit hard and fast.Miscellaneous Skill Trees There are a few other skill trees that we reach out to in order to finish out our skills - namely the Fighter's guild skills and the Assault skills you unlock from attacking or defending keeps in the contested Cyrodiil area.Animal Companions is the primary damage tree for the Warden class, and allows your character to summon various creatures to their aid in battle - including Feral Guardian ultimate, which summons the grizzly bear companion featured in the cinematic trailer for the expansion.I follow that up with, twin Slashes morphed into Rending Slashes.Dual Wield Skills, the meat of my dual wield skill set.The Elder Scrolls Online English Topic Details, reason.I chose Razor Caltrops, as I primarily play PvE and therefore don't care too much about forcing enemies to dismount.Finally, I go for, blade Cloak morphed into Deadly Cloak for a bit of added damage when I'm in the fray.You're also going to want to enchant your bling with some boosts to weapons damage.An error occurred while processing the directiveDeep Fissure.
Winter's Embrace is the defensive magic tree, which allows the Warden to tap into primal frost magic that will damage their foes and buff their party's defenses.
Green Balance is the healing/buffs skill tree, so it focuses heavily on green nature no deposit codes for bovegas magic.
Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, dLC expansion, and it's a rather interesting class in terms of builds.An error occurred while processing the directiveScreaming Cliff Racer.If you'd like to see a more in-depth breakdown chart of how I have planned my allocations then you can check out this chart I built for my Nord Warden.If you're worried about health, then you could Morph into Bloodthirst and get a 60 heal for damage dealt - but it's not necessary in my opinion (especially if you're focused on the Green Balance skill tree).The drop in stamina cost and increased duration makes this my spam skill for the bow and a great way to AoE enemies.For my build, I went with the same weapon choices as my Nightblade - dual wielding as my main set and a bow for my second bar.The Elder Scrolls Online English Topic Details, morrowind new character slot?Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more ESO: Morrowind guides!It's player-craftable, certificate of deposit index (codi) so you could either learn to do it yourself or join a guild and have it crafted for you.The ultimate ability - Sleet Storm - cloaks the Warden in a swirling vortex, dealing damage to enemies around them while dropping their speed by 66 and granting nearby allies a 30 protection buff.