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It comes with the long barrel modification built-in and has a lighter-colored stock with a drawing of an angry beaver holding a rifle.
The Courier, dressed to the nines in Remnants Power Armor, shows off the Cleansing Flame's unique blue flame effect.
The weapon was originally owned by Christine Royce of the Circle of Steel (hence the name a sub-group within the Brotherhood of Steel, and was later left behind while she hunted for Elijah.It serves as an interesting midway in the Explosives category, doing slightly less damage than the 40mm launchers and not providing as much overall firepower as the Grenade Machinegun, but is casino marina del sol valor entrada lighter and more portable than either, while still retaining great lethality.While fictional, the 25mm Grenade APW bears a very loose resemblance to some semi-auto shotguns, like the Remington 1100.The unique Survivalist's Rifle featured in the Honest Hearts DLC.New England Pardner The New England Firearms Pardner appears in the game as the "Single Shotgun".Alpha Protocol ) and published by Bethesda in 2010.
"Flamer" The fictious "Flamer" flamethrower returns from Fallout.
Magnum Research BFR The Magnum Research BFR appears as the "Hunting Revolver chambered.45-70 Govt'.The Courier reloads the Service Rifle.For a list, see the discussion page.Shansi Type 17 Similarly, while the Shansi Type 17 can't be used in-game, it still makes an appearance, being one of the unusable weapons in Mick's weapon stash in the back of Mick Ralph's.Note the projectile, which seems to be a cluster of glowing blue cubes.

The Assault Carbine can be found in many former military installations in the Mojave such as Vault 34 as well as the Nellis Air Force Base.
In addition, I made sure that you will NOT be bombarded with "You recieved xxx" message avalance, when you leave the location and get your stuff back.
The Courier holds his Hunting Shotgun on some old abandoned housing.