gw2 shared inventory slot

Its no secret that the Silverwastes is a lucrative map so I can see many players taking advantage of this trial on a spare character slot or dusty, low level toon.
Sure your bank is shared by your entire account but starting with Heart of Thorns they started giving us the ability to add a special bag at the top of our inventory with items that are shared between all of my characters.
This could be helpful if youd like to find a build that matches your playstyle before (or instead of) trying to adapt to a meta build. All in all the model gets a lot of crap from the gaming community, but there are times when the benefit gained more than makes up for the generally icky feeling inside you get by having to deal with.This all sounds pretty good, but some players might not like being limited to one map during the trial.That alone will be a savings in gold, although, if you stick with that trial long enough, the Silverwastes may just reward you with enough loot to kit yourself into some pretty shiny legendaries (just ask GuildMags.This is done by dragging the slot, much like you would with a bag.Items that soulbind or are already soulbound cannot be placed here.
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How does this work?
Share, tweet, share, share, email, have you ever wanted to jump into a game and experience max-level content by pressing a button? Something of note in all cases I caught the items when they were on sale and did not pay the full market value.Soldiers is the default on several classes but this is not the case for all professions).The slots can hold all other items, making it especially useful for salvage kits, gathering tools, gizmos, non-wallet keys, or consumables you want blu ray slot in an easy access to on multiple characters across your account, such as the Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic, Royal Terrace Pass, Bank Access Expresses,. As a result I used to have to constantly run to vendors and buy new tools or in my case I used to carry around a stack of them taking up inventory space just in case one broke and I was standing beside a rich.Unfortunately, attempting to leave the Silverwastes will prompt you to consume or undo the boost and this includes trying to leave to explore PvP or WvW.

How will you be using it?
Add an additional inventory slot to all characters on the account.