Can be a good method to convert a hero in the limited hero bag to the unlimited shard bag.
Light Dark Union Bosses are from the Light and Dark faction Rewards monster resources after every battle Boss Human-Ghost United Hell Strike Light Dark Union 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd Role Hit Front (Stun) All (Stun) All (Stun) Back All All Front Back (1.
VIP 2 or level 80 you definitely should spin 10 times for 8 coins because you'll get 10 event points anyway.
The 4000x Gem Box can be valuable depending on your current hero situation.Since you need a ton of heroes for every fusion, you most likely won't be able to complete the different stages of the event during the first 1 - 2 times, depending on your hero luck.The 5x alone are worth more than what you pay for the Gem Box.Wishing Fountain Event (Old Casino Event) free signup bonus no deposit mobile casino uk 1 spin for 1x 10 spin for 8x Points Rewards 50x 40x 50 2x 2x 100x 80x 100 2x 2x 200x 160x 200 2x 4x 300x 240x 300 2x 1x 5x Daily Gift 1x Heroic Miracle Event This is another event that can.Beginners should do the Shelter Event, regardless of offered heroes, until you have 6x sets of 4 equipment.If you cannot buy any Hero, or you dont need those Heroes, its best to spend your items on purchasing Prophet Orbs.Best Tips for the Wishing Fountain Event (old Casino Event) During the event you should always spin 10 times for.To collect all prizes of this Event you will have to use about 120 Prophet Orbs.
Usually, these heroes are quite rare and can't be bought from other stores.
During the Wishing Fountain Event the player must use Wishing Coins to earn points.
Players can complete the quests up to 4 times to get rewards.Official: The next, idle, heroes, events (Apr 19th 2019) are: Daily reward: During the event, log in every day to get Prophet Orb 1, Golden Hammer 10, and March Hare.Also helps maintain your daily ranking for better rewards.The event often comes with 1 or more hero(es) that are deemed the Heroes of the Week.If you complete every single task of this event you get an additional reward like a 5-Star hero.