Note also that while the Zamorak monk bottom is the best-in-slot leg wear in F2P, the black and blue wizard robes offer a superior bonus to the Zamorak monk top.
Generally, the magical defence bonus of this type of equipment directly corresponds to its magic attack bonus.
Enchanted robes are a three-piece set consisting of a hat, top, and robe, identical to their mystic robes equivalent.They give significantly less Magic attack bonus than Mystic robes, but they give some Melee Defence bonuses, unlike Mystic robes.They are comparatively cheap, but require repairing every 15 hours of Combat and require a moderately high Magic and Defence level.Ahrim's robes are very popular, especially amongst more advanced participants in PVP activities.Amulet of Fury, affordable.For the vast majority of a Mage's training, they'll most likely be using Xerican's or Mystic Robes (especially if you think of an Ironman.None 1, wizard Robes,.
There is no natural or satisfying progression of tiers for Mage armor, and I definitely feel that the newly-proposed Warding skill will provide the perfect opportunity to not only make mage armor more accessible, but even add new tiers to bridge the large level gaps.
A cheap option with a magic bonus.
Snakeskin Boots Cheap Make everyone jealous with this sick swag.Cheap, this is one of the cheapest options with a magic bonus.To use this tool, simply click a slot and select the item you'd like to equip in that slot.Skeletal armour Helm, Top, Bottoms, Gloves, Boots Skeletal armour is a medium-level Magic armour.When wielding all of Ahrim's robes, including the staff, spells have a chance of reducing their target's Strength.Amulet of Glory, cheap.Edit: Added Elder Chaos Robes to Honorable Mentions, added Wizard Robes being the only F2P robes.All regular capes are preferred over team capes due to the fact that capes weigh 0 kg while team capes weigh approximately.4 kg Best P2P magic armour setup (most accuracy) Main article: Armour/Highest bonuses Best P2P Magic Armour Maximum magical bonus of 177.Infinity Boots, affordable, the ugly version of the Eternals with a magic bonus.Void Knight Gloves This is the best option by far, along with the rest of the range void set.This power is called 'Blighted Aura'.Many players use them for their high magical attack and ease of recovering them if lost, or against monsters with Magic or Magic-based attacks.Ahrim's Robes (level 70 only obtainable from Barrows.Honorable mentions here go bra bonusresa to Lunar Armor (which requires level 65 for Lunar Diplomacy anyways.A good cheap option with a range bonus.