the witcher 3 set armor bonus not activ

That being said, when it comes to adding set items, there are some decisions to take, decisions I am not entirely certain about.
One of the most satisfying things in the.(Thanks to WGhost for giving me permission to upload a compatibility patch.) The vanilla version is NOT compatible, as Ghost Mode moves bits of code to different places).Buy The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine.Niilfgaardian Set Heavy armor set, strong attack specialization.Some thoughts It always bugged me that the set items were only available so late in the game.Start the game and restart the game once more after the first time.
Some look great yet do little to protect you, while others might make you cringe yet protect you from almost everything youll face in your monster-filled travels.
Ofir Set, få free spins leo vegas light armor set, sign nus: Cast Signs with Vitality if Stamina is low, Sign kills heal you.
Follow the left branch and youll end up in a room with several level 56 protofelders.I am very happy to hear suggestions to finish this mod / rework it / make something completely new or add different versions.This mod is actually designed around the excellent.To Stefan3372 for giving me permission to upload parts of Complete Animation as a compatibility patch.Starting Armor, set, medium armor set.This mod is (almost) finished, ready to play and will (except for fixes) remain.Hence, this mod will not (straightaway so) be compatible with the bigger overhaul mods that also change combat mechanics.Put 'mod0SetPiecesGM' folder in the 'mods' folder of your Witcher 3 directory.New Moon Set, light armor set, fast attack specialization.There are two looting mechanics:.Once you reach level 40 and acquire the Blood Wine DLC.