warlock vanilla best in slot

Instead, this section will cover the backgrounds recommended in the "Quick Build" section of the class description, as well as other backgrounds which I think bonus mat work especially well for the class, or which might be tempting but poor choices.
3.6.1 (Platypus) This AddOn is licenced under the GNU GPL 31903 Gatherer Addon that remembers node locations.
If you're fine with putting area damage into a single square, cast Create Bonfire.Detection is done by registering to events which are triggered by enemy players.War Caster PHB : If you're a Hexblade, you want this.Normal Warlocks likely want a Utility option, but Blade Pact Warlocks may want Green-Flame Blade or Booming Blade.Fortunately warlocks can always fall back on Eldritch Blast.Sprite: Flight, invisibility, and human-like hands, but that's all.
I would normal say Prestidigitation, but you get Thaumaturgy for free as a Tiefling, which I think provides enough magical miscellany to get you through first level.Misty Escape: This is a great way to get away from a big enemy with multi-attack or from damage-dealing area effects which leave lingering effects.For now only Jaina has a rection to this.PHB : Very situational.Hold Monster is a fantastic way to disable single targets, and this allows you to completely lock down encounters with three types of monsters.Nature (Int One of the more important knowledge skills in the game, but the creatures which you can identify with Nature diminish greatly in number as you gain levels.The math gets worse when Eldritch Blast adds a 4th ray at 17th level.Instead, this section will cover the options which I think work especially well for the class, or which might be tempting but poor choices.211 tradeDispenser Automaticly dispenses specified items to anyone who wants to trades with you /tD or /tradeDispenser 210 QuestAnnouncer QuestAnnouncer sends a party message as you advance in a quest.Elemental Bane XGtE : Removing damage resistance is great, but many of the Warlock 's spells do necrotic, thunder, or force damage, so resistance is almost never a problem.Effects don't stack with themselves, so you can't use this to repeatedly reduce the target's speed.

Faction Agent scag : Insight, and you can pick whatever Face skill or Knowledge skill you want.
Use Burning Hands to handle multiple enemies, or save your spell slot for Hellish Rebuke if something gets into melee with you.